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call us and we ofer for your family the best day in israel:



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attraction in Jerusalem\pesach in israel

Rappelling And Rock Climbing Tours In Israel:

Our rappelling tours include surfing from high cliffs,  autorized by the Ministry of Education and Parks. These places can be reached fairly easily, and there is no need to have prior knowledge. Most places are generally suitable for all ages

Canyons Rappeling: Special trips, especially suitable for hike-lovers. A full day day trip that includes rock climbing, walking to beautiful waterfalls, and rappeling.To the waterfalls, surfing, and termination. These are often full-day trips.1318764259805

Rappeling Sites In Israel:

Northern Israel:

  • Gilboa Cliff.
  • Zavitan River, Golan Heights.
  • Rainbow Cave in Nahariya.
  • Ancient quarries in Haifa.

Centeral Israel:1318763546910

  • Shelat Cliff.
  • Luzit caves.
  • Valley of Hinnom, Jerusalem.
  • Government House, Jerusalem.
  • Judean Desert.
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jeep in Jerusalem\attraction for pesach in jerusalem

Jeep Tours In Israel:


jeep touts in jerusallem\desert jude\atv

Our jeep tours are about 2-5 hours long. We tour the Jerusalem area, Dead Sea, and Southern Israel.


with challenge tours we make for you great day in israel,good time for all the family.


Along the way we will visit an authentic Bedouin Camp which faithfully reflects and simulates a tent that Abraham may have lived in. Our route leads to Jabel Muntar traditionally recognized as “Azazel” from which the High Priest use to cast the scapegoat on the Day of Atonement. The next stop is by the Fortress of Hyrcania, where John Hyrcanus and his sons defended Jerusalem from the east...

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attraction in Jerusalem\pesach in jerusalem

you in jerusalem?

looking for what to do in pesach?

call us to start the adventure-0528938921

סנפלינג במדבר יהודהchallengetours
סנפלינג במדבר יהודהchallengetours
challenge tours have idea for you:

יhiking in Jerusalem

rappeling and rock climbingimgres


ropes course in jerusalem for all the family


jeep tour in jerusalem





atv in jerusalem

טיולי אופניים בירושלים

צרו קשר על מנת להתחיל את החוויה-0528938921


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Jerusalem attraction\Nature Museum


Nature Museum 

Region: Jerusalem and surroundings      Category: Museums of Nature 

Nature Museum

The museum shows a variety of displays in different areas of natural and environmental sciences and the human body. Remarkable is the fowl, mammal and reptiles of the country integrated in Dioramas (recreations of the habitat). Special displays on dinosaurs, meaning of color in nature, garden parasites, eggs and nests, gems and more complete the exhibition. The museum holds workshops, guided tours (by reservation only), nature courses and summer camps.

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attractions in Jerusalem\ summer in Israel

challenge tours present:


Jerusalem Ropes Course in Park Gilo can be booked for your private group or family.

Challenge Tours: rappelling, rock climbing, Jerusalem Ropes Course, extreme day trips


Are your kids climbing the walls at home or in the hotel? Then let Challenge Tours take them rappelling down…call Yaakov. Challenge tours can offer unique “chavayot” (experiences) in Jerusalem. Rappel off a cliff in the Valley Ben Hinom as you watch the walls of the Old City.


Yaakov Goory is Israel’s Rock Climbing Champion of 2011 and he knows how to make the experience enjoyable for a variety of ages.


great activity for the family when you come to Israel.

the best place to do it is park gilo in Jerusalem 5 min from malcha 12 min from the hotels.

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tour guide in jerusalem

challengetours inviting you to hike in Israel and to hike in Jerusalem with special tour guide   tom doron:



Licensed Tour Guide
Land of Israel is not just another country
I’d be happy to show you the wonderful Land of Israel
Tours from several hours to several days according to your wishes

Hope to see you

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attraction in Jerusalem\zoo

About the zoo

Since its opening, the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo has been operated by a company that was specifically established for this purpose. The zoo is therefore being run as a corporation, while at the same time being recognized as an NPO (Non-Profit Organization) both in Israel and abroad. The zoo is the product of the combined efforts and investments of the Municipality of Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Foundation, the Jerusalem Development Authority, and the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

The ownership of the zoo is shared and divided evenly among the Municipality of Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Foundation, and the Jerusalem Development Authority. The zoo’s Board of Directors consists of 18 members.

The establish...

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the gazelle vally\attraction in jerusalem

Gazelle Valley


img 1
img 2
img 3
Jerusalem residents enjoy the presence of a unique natural phenomenon right in the midst of the urban heartland. Trapped between busy roads, housing developments and a modern super-highway, a rich wildlife habitat flourishes with orchards planted on ancient terraces that still bear fruit. This 50 acre tract of undeveloped land in Southern Jerusalem is home to a small population of gazelles that sustain on the local natural resources.Threatened in the past by massive housing development plans, grassroots opposition initiated by residents of adjoining neighborhoods defeated these plans...
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jeep in jerusalem

Jeep in jerusalem in pesach with challenge tours
Recommended routes are:
Option 1:  Gush Etzion tour – 2 hours:
A route that begins at an outlook point that views King Solomon’s pools , a ride through Sdei Boaz Settlement, the Patriarch Road trail, a Roman Milestone, and a Mikveh from the period of the Second Temple. From there it proceeds  on a visit and short swim in the beautiful wells of Gush Etzion.

Option 2: Judean Desert tour – 3-4 hours:
The tour  leaves  Gush Etzion and travels towards the Judean Desert. A stop is made in an authentic Bedouin tent and offers a cultural encounter with the Bedouin lifestyle. The tour continues to the Roujum-anaka outlook and from there proceeds to several other especially attractive outlooks...

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