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Unifying Orientaion Days in israel\Jereusalem:



During the orientation we have a wide range of activities aimed at: collaborative teamwork, thinking, striving for excellence in a cohesive group, and more.


Course of activity: This activity is conducted in groups of 10-18 people. Each group has a preliminary stage of introduction, followed by some warm up, complex task, group games and altitude stations.


There are 12 very interesting stations, some are on the ground and some are in the air.

The activities are interesting and exciting, while they create an atmosphere of teamwork, and group building competition.


It is highly important to us to coordinate with our customer, in order to learn about who the group is, what is its objectives, what are its needs, and which tasks to give the group.

Our activities are suitable for all types of groups, and our altitude stations add that extra special excitment.

List of stations:

  • 8 warm up and familiarity games
  • Boolean walk
  • Spider webs
  • Bank job
  • Relay race
  • Tug of war
  • Rope bridge
  • River crossing, climbing a rope ladder and trees
  • Angina swing

Altitude activities are secured by high standards equipment, and certified and experienced instructors.

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