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Jerusalem Ropes Course in Park Gilo can be booked for your private group or family.


Challenge Tours: rappelling, rock climbing, Jerusalem Ropes Course, extreme day trips


Are your kids climbing the walls at home or in the hotel? Then let Challenge Tours take them rappelling down…call Yaakov. Challenge tours can offer unique “chavayot” (experiences) in Jerusalem. Rappel off a cliff in the Valley Ben Hinom as you watch the walls of the Old City.


Yaakov Goory is Israel’s Rock Climbing Champion of 2011 and he knows how to make the experience enjoyable for a variety of ages.

great activity for the family when you come to Israel.

the best place to do it is park gilo in Jerusalem 5 min from malcha 12 min from the hotels.

Snappling: Gei Ben Hinom (next to the Cinemateque, close to Emek Refaim)

  • Rappelling (known as snappling in Israel). Learn to climb down a cliff using ropes and then to rock climb back up (Ages 4+). This is a great family activity and it takes 2 hours.
  • 1300 NIS for 2 hours (up to 15 people) in Gei Ben Hinom. Reserve Today
  • Special New Rappelling Location: Armon Hanetziv Tayelet 850 NIS

Jerusalem Ropes Course: Park Gilo

  • Rope ladder & snappling, swing, omega, and acrobatic rope walking. This is a great team building activity that uses physical and mental strengths to conquer the challenges. It is a memorable Bar/Bat Mitzva or birthday experience for the whole family. Reserve Today

amzing ziplin in jerusallem part of the ropes course by challenge tours:


A fun group activity, which includes different types of competitions. Do you think you got what it takes?

to shoot with guns in israel.

to feel in the army.



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